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Before we talk about engagement and wedding rings, let’s talk about dating rings. It’s simple! The oldest engagement ring in history was dated in the year of This gesture became fashionable among royalty.

But the high price of raw materials made it impossible for jewelry to become accessible to other social classes. Over the centuries, stones like rubies and sapphires have been incorporated into engagement rings. More information in our privacy policy. At the jewelry store, he said he also wanted to wear an engagement ring.

In this dance of rings, it is more common to see couples with silver colored rings than gold. Perhaps it was due to the eccentricity of the marriage proposal. You bet: it is pure envy. After all, who said romanticism ever went out of style?

Of course, we still need to define some points. For example, which ring is best for each circumstance.

And which finger to put and why? Note how the subject is full of pranks.

At the ceremony, the wedding ring goes to the ring finger of the left hand. put the ring next to the ring in your left hand or use it in your right hand. Answer: on the ring finger of the right hand. wedding rings is that, generally, the dating jewel is a silver or steel ring. When the relationship evolves and the marriage begins, the ring goes to the left hand.

Some may just deserve an amusing smile from their better half; others generate a really big embarrassment. Diamond is one of the most resistant stones found in nature.