match online dating: hope internet dating instructors could enliven the manufacturer

I am in a similar situation, a guy likes me, he is very affectionate, he knows, attentive, he fills me with gifts, he talks about dating, getting engaged, getting married, having children, building a family… but I don’t feel anything for him….

I am going through this situation at that moment I accepted dating a person who asked me to date for 5 years and I always rejected him for knowing that he likes me a lot and would do anything to be with me (I like having the taste of conquer people) and be conquered later, I entered this relationship with the purpose of starting to like (I feel a fondness for him) because our ´´roll´´ is years old, I hope that with the grace of God I can love him as he loves me, or even more because he is a handsome boy, a good family worker, he treats me very well and I cannot correspond.