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Thank you very much Patri !! Undoubtedly a city that one never tires of visiting, although in winter you have to be prepared 😀

Of course, a spectacular historical heritage that I have not enjoyed for more than 20 years. I mean, it must be time to go back!

I agree with you Jordi, Ávila is a city full of heritage. I think it’s time for you to visit her again 😉

The city of Ávila is very beautiful! We have gone a few times because we live quite close, (about 60km) and it is very good to have some pinchos and of course see its rich heritage and walk along its wall!

I’m glad that you also like Ávila, maybe one day we’ll cross over there and have a snack 🙂

I love Ávila, it is such a close getaway from Madrid that I have been several times. Just to eat the delicious cochifrito is already worth it. The last time I visited the relics of Santa Teresa and… a finger was visible! Uuff, we were very impressed 😀

Ummm cochifrito !! although I am more of a ribeye. The next time you go I recommend you visit El Rancho Restaurant, it is on the outskirts but it doesn’t take long to get there. The food is spectacular. I leave you the link

Thank you very much for talking about our beloved city, but I have observed that there is a misprint, the door where the belfry is located is not called Mariscal, but “Puerta del Carmen” or better known to us from Avila “arch of the prison.”

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